10 Years of Marriage

I can’t believe it has been 10 years. I want to write about today so that 10 years from now I can remember how I am feeling today…



I still remember the way I felt on our wedding day. Giddy. LUCKY. Blessed. In awe that God would have brought such a man into my life and given him to me to have and to hold for eternity.

It hasn’t always been easy; I will quickly admit to my unmarried and married friends alike that I think marriage is HARD. But today, 10 years later, when I think about our marriage, I still feel each and every one of those things I felt on our wedding day.

Except more.

Yes more. I can’t believe it myself sometimes, but it is true.

Today, 10 years in, I know more about love and forgiveness then I did on that first day. I know more about serving selflessly. I know what it is like to feel incredibly angry and incredibly scared and incredibly in love with you all at the same time. I know the pride of holding a brand new baby on my chest and knowing that baby has a little bit of each of us. I know now what it is like to go through hard things with you, and how we process them differently, but also support each other beautifully. 10 years have brought growth and a deeper level of love than I ever knew was possible. I am blessed, lucky, thankful and giddy….still.

Daniel, I love you. I am so thankful for our years and the knowledge, wisdom, joy and deeper love and appreciation of you that they have brought me. The man you were then was inspiring to me, but the man you are today is…well…the most incredible man I have ever met. You balance kindness and compassion with humor and joy. You put people and relationships above all else. You are a man faith and integrity. People on Facebook see the things that you build, but I have the joy of seeing the family that you are building with even more care, love, work, patience, and strength then you have ever put into any of your garden or your wood projects. And Daniel, that is the building that I admire and respect the most. You are building the most beautiful home and family here with me…a family that is truly better than I ever dreamed I could have. Even on the hard days, the days when I am crying, when the kids have shredded every last bit of my patience, I know how blessed I am. I cherish the fact that I know you will always put your family first in the line of priorities…and that you always make us FEEL like priorities to you. Thank you. I could never express how much I love you, respect you, admire you, and cherish you. I am so thankful that we are not perfect, so thankful that our marriage is real enough that we fight, and so thankful that at the end of it all…we love each other.

When I think of my blessings in this life, Daniel Sundin you are always the first on my list. I love you and I am so proud to be your wife. Here is to another wonderful 10 years.

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  1. As Elvis would say,”I’m all choked up” while and after reading such inspiring prose. Here’s to the next ten years with the rest of us as well.

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