Little Changes

So my body is definitely continuing to change and grow even though I am now in the “home stretch” with only 4 weeks left. My tummy is continually popping out more and more, which leads to some new challenges and discoveries. For those of you who don’t get to see me all the time, I will share with you my new body quirks:
1. It is easier to lean back then forward. In fact, I can no longer reach the radio dials in my car comfortably, so unless someone is riding with me I listen to the same CD over and over. Daniel noticed that I have now been hearing the same CD for 2 weeks…luckily my commute is only 5 minutes so it is not that big of a deal.
2. My belly button is almost an outie. I didn’t think it was going to occur…but the last two days I can see the end. Not quite at the out position yet. I think it is very odd.
3. I am continually able to lift less and less. Arm muscles shrinking? I think it is just that everything takes more effort. But it is fun to measure at my work. Pre-pregnancy I could lift 7 gallons of milk (re-stocking the fridge). It has been dwindling down…and now I am barely able to lift two!
4. Hot all the time! Funny…I actually do not mind it as much as I thought. I am finding great pleasure in the fact that I don’t have to bring a sweater to the movie theatre or when Daniel and I go out at night. Previously I have always been the cold one…so it is kind of fun to be the one who never has to bring a sweater anywhere!
5. I think I finally have the pregnancy “waddle” that everyone gets. Mostly due to some aches (not weight)…but everyone loves penguins right….so I waddle away with pride!
So those are my changes! Stay tuned for some more thoughts in my final weeks of pregnancy! 🙂

My “innie” wants to be an “outie”!

3 thoughts on “Little Changes”

  1. So, a few friends of mine and I have a theory. God makes you so uncomfortable the last few weeks, that you’re totally ready to get that baby OUT. It’s his way of reducing your anxiety and getting you excited to have a baby in your arms!

  2. Have I told you how excited I am about meeting Dayla? Because, I really am! I definitely agree with the being hot issue. I felt like I had my own personal heater inside of me when I was carrying Daniel.

  3. Your comments bring back memories…I remember spending LOTS of time in the pool before September baby, Suzanne was born.
    On the lifting thing–you shouldn’t even try to lift more than ONE gallon of milk from this point on. It;s very easy to strain your back and that will make delivery more uncomfortable. Your body is getting more tired because it’s time for you to rest up and get ready for delivery. God planned our bodies perfecxtly, we just need to learn to listen.

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