Our Animal Lover

So back in February Sebastian started spending time with the chickens pretty regularly…and it has gotten worse. Dayla is an animal tolerater…other kids I know seem to either like animals or really like animals… Sebastian…he LOVES them. I think he is officially an ANIMAL LOVER.

A couple months ago we were at a park and a women riding a horse walks by. Sebastian is squealing and clapping and pointing like a crazy person, the other kids barely notice. When she kindly stops and asked if our kids want to pet the horse, Dayla shys away, and Sebastian runs toward the horse with no fear of this giant animal. We talk about how to approach animals, how to let them smell you first, how to always approach them from the head and not from behind, and how to be gentle. He soaks in every word. Now when we are at the park he asks before petting the dogs and let’s them smell him first. He is patient and gentle…but SO EXCITED.

Since we don’t have dogs, cats, or a horse, Sebastian spends a lot of time waving to our fish or with our chickens. Sometimes he watches the chickens for an hour or so, but mostly he would prefer to be in the coop with the now. I am so curious to see if this sticks.

In January:

In June:

In July:

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