What Have I Been Up To? Waiting…..

I have been off of work for a week and a couple days…waiting for a baby…and trying not to be too anxious. I thought it would be fun to give you a little window of what I have been up to.
First, it is weird to be off work and not on vacation. Some days I will purposely drive by my work just to prove to myself that, yes, it is there and it is still open and, no, I am not there. I do miss it. Not the working part….but the fact that I had a lot of customers who I connected with and talked to everyday, and now I don’t get to. It makes me realize how they were serving me with joy just as much as I was serving them their coffee.
So since I am a natural worker (thanks mom and dad for that work ethic) …I have found myself wanting to keep very busy. Actually, I really want to keep busy to keep the anticipation and anxiousness from seeping into my head. I keep telling myself that she is due in August so I don’t have a specific date haunting my brain. But that stuff is like a nasty mold…in the crevices of the brain, growing in the dark even after you thought you got rid of it all. So anything I can do to make me relax and not think about the upcoming excitement has been wonderful. Mostly trying to be out of the house as much as possible (and trying to ignore the comments about her coming soon…cause let’s be real…GOD only knows!)
Now to fend off the mom comments about me being busy when I should be taking it easy, I will clarify. I am not working too much, just catching up and lunching with old friends. I was able to have my friend Jen visit for a weekend and Daniel’s sister Kristy spend a couple of days with me. Both visits were so much fun! I have had more energy then when I was working, so it has been nice to catch up on the little things too. The kitchen stays clean, I am finally writing my shower thank-you notes, running an errand here and there, etc. I have about a 2 hour limit for everything. I can be on my feet for 2 hours, be sitting down for 2 hours, laying down for 2 hours, even only being able to sleep in 2 hour increments. So I just switch off every 2 hours doing something new. It is also been a WONDERFUL BLESSING that I have a couple of pregnant friends who I have been able to spend time with. We are at each others speed….resting when we need to, walking when we are restless ( and being able to walk slow and not having to say, “wait up!”), icing up when we ache, and suppling each other Tums when the heartburn sets in.
My favorite things recently are 1. chewing ice chips. Mostly to keep me cool, also to distract me at night time from thinking about my pains. I have even become very picky about which is the best. For those who are curious…Jamba Juice has very good ice! 2. Fruit. Can’t seem to get enough fruit. Cold…fresh fruit has been the craving for the last 2 months or so. 3. Boba. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is like a smoothie/ fruit slushie drink with tapioca balls in the bottom. Since it is the perfect combination of fruit and ice…you can see why I am really into it! Sounds weird, but yum. Nina…I hope you are proud of your egg you created! 4. Pool. I am so lucky to have a pool that is heated! Everyone said I would like it…and I do feel so good when I am swimming. Unfortunately my pregnancy swimsuit is starting to get snug and itchy (I think it is because my skin is getting so much more sensitive), so that is why it is number four on my favorite things list.
So, that is what I have been up to! Call me if you are bored cause I would love to hang out…just remember that it is only for 2 hours…and if you want to make me really happy you should bring along some ice chips, cold fruit, or Boba drink with you! 🙂
And don’t worry…for those of you who are far and near…YES! we will call you/ text message /email you when Dayla arrives. I promise. So for right now just say a prayer that it will be in August and hold tight! 🙂

3 thoughts on “What Have I Been Up To? Waiting…..”

  1. I think you should be writing a book. Descriptions like. …”But that stuff is like a nasty mold…in the crevices of the brain, growing in the dark even after you thought you got rid of it all.” Is Edgar Allen Poeish
    Love you and Dayla !!!

  2. Aww, you should have posted this before I came to visit…I would have came bearing gifts of fruit and ice chips! It was good to see you and catch up. I can’t wait to meet Dayla.

  3. yeah bobaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, sorry i didn’t get to make it down there to visit you ahead of time:(

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