A Note

The other day Dayla and I were just having one of THOSE days. It was just one of those days that we seemed to be butting heads over nothing. If you have children, especially a daughter that is somewhat like you, I have a feeling you know the kind of day I am talking about.

I found myself apologizing to her more than once for losing my temper and getting frustrated over things that I knew I wouldn’t on a normal day. After a series of events that seemed to look like this:

Annoying childish thing she did –> me getting frustrated–> me snapping at her –> her crying –> me apologizing –> us both crying on the floor together –> rinse, repeat

I went to the garage and came back, I found this note on my desk. It made me choke up. I know that we will continue to butt heads as she grows, and I will continue to have bad days (and she will too). I fear that I won’t always get notes like this that make me smile…


I love that she is old enough to write, and young enough that she still loves her mom and dad and thinks the world of us. It is a happy phase of life that I am definitely appreciating as much as I can.

I sure do love my girl…more and more every single day.

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