Garden Road School’s Country Fair

I remember when I started management, one of my mentor managers said to me, “My favorite thing about restaurant management is that it is a job that is different everyday. You never know what to expect.” I too loved that about my job. I love to be on my toes and challenged constantly.

Then one day I quit restaurant management and became a mom. Turns out it is pretty much the same thing.

More than once I have commented that I believe management gave me a lot of preparation for parenthood. I use the things that I learned from my employees with my kids all the time. Other similarities include: I feel like every day is different, every time you think you have it figured out it changes, and I never know exactly what to expect.

Enter the day that we went to Dayla’s school’s Country Fair. There are rides, games, booths with all different things, inflatable play things, and of course the play ground to play on. Dayla doesn’t really ride rides, and doesn’t usually do booth type things (doesn’t like people touching her face, doesn’t like to play games she can lose, doesn’t like rides or jumping things, etc.) So I figured we would go and the kids would play on the play ground and we would get to say hi to friends, and that would be that.

Dayla saw some girls getting their face painted and asked if she could. Since it was pretty much free I said of course, but then we found out that the line was taking an hour. When we went to Disneyland earlier this year, Dayla refused to wait in any line that was longer than 20 minutes, saying it “wasn’t worth it”. So I assumed the same….but I was wrong. She was willing to wait. I guessed she would give up after 10 minutes. Again, I found myself looking right into the face of WRONG. I couldn’t believe it! She waited PATIENTLY for an hour and 20 minutes, sat and got her face painted by a boy, and wasn’t scared or grumpy even once. I love seeing my little girl growing up! I love seeing how PEPP and her teacher Mrs. Gosen have taught her so many things and helped her be comfortable in all types of situations!

Here are my favorite pictures from the evening:











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