Mrs. Gosen

I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher, or a more perfect teacher for our Dayla for her first year at Garden Road as a “Pepper”. Not only did she know exactly what to say, and how to not let Dayla walk all over her, she taught me a lot of things too (like how to embrace failure and mistakes and appreciate them as a way that we grow!)

Mrs. Gosen is by far the most patient, understanding, kind, joyful, wise, intelligent, blessing of a person and teacher. You might think I am exaggerating, but I assure you I am not. She has won awards…but I think it sums it up best when I tell you what Dayla said about her one day, “Mom, Mrs Gosen doesn’t even HAVE and angry voice!”

It was true. When I was in her classroom, I couldn’t believe that the patience this women had.

She told the kids that Friday was the saddest day of the week for her (cause she couldn’t be with them) and they soaked in every word. She taught the kids to be bucket fillers (treat others with kindness), how to love mistakes, how to take turns, to love to read, to be responsible for their own actions/choices/bodies, how to be comfortable and confident in new and scary situations, how to be advocates for themselves…and so much more. She praised them for who they were, not what they did. She taught them to gain self worth from what they did and not what other people say. Not only all of this…but she treated these kids with so much love and kindness…I know there was not a single parent there who was afraid to leave their kids with her.

Mrs. Gosen, you are an amazing teacher. A blessing and a gift. We are so thankful for all you taught us and we will always remember our year in PEPP.


(This is a print out that I made for her “end of year” gift. It was of all the things that Dayla came home saying over the year.)


We love you Mrs. Gosen! You will be SO MISSED!

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