Ice Skating

I have no doubt that this will be one of my fondest memories from this summer.

Daniel bought a large blow up pool this summer and to say that the kids have been LOVING IT is a huge understatement. If it wasn’t killing our lawn to have a blow up pool on it, I am pretty sure that they would swim in it every day.

At first tears came each time we had to deflate the pool (to change the water out and move it to a new spot on the grass)…but then “ice skating” was discovered. See, when Daniel lets the air out of the pool, the water rushes out, leaving a small pond in our back yard. The best part however is that the pool doesn’t quite empty all the way; a little water is left on the smooth plastic, resulting in what most of us would think is a “slip and slide” kinda thing. Dayla and Sebastian quickly discovered that this was their “ice skating rink”. They slide around the water standing up and “ice skating”, laughing hysterically all the while. Recently they discovered that it is just as much fun to slide on their stomachs, and also to get a running start to a jump and a massive slide.

Each time we do this now I am drawn to leave whatever task it is I am trying to get done and come to watch them. They laugh infectiously and they egg each other on in the cutest of ways to try new “tricks”. It is pure delight and everything that summer should be about. In my world, it is a bit of heaven on earth.

I have more than several pictures and videos capturing this, however most of them feature either my kids wearing only their birthday suit or in underwear (maybe not so appropriate for the internet), so you will just have to imagine their smiles and laughs. When they day comes that I make this into a memory book, I will definitely include all the photos.

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