Grandpa and Nana Come To Town!

One of the benefits to having the visits from Grandpa and Nana so few and far between is that when they come it feels really special.  That and it is so fun to realize how different Dayla is each time they see her, really see her growth through their eyes.

This was the first time that Grandpa and Nana came that Dayla really got it, and that made it SO fun.  We talked about them coming, and she got SO excited, telling me what she was going to tell Nana about (her boo boo on her knee, Tabby’s birthday party, her Eeyore, etc) and how she would shake Grandpa’s hand.  She pointed to their picture and giggled with glee at the anticipation of seeing them.  I was eating it up.

Of course when they arrived she did not shake Grandpa’s hand (Dayla is beyond shy these days), but she did warm up to telling Nana all her stories.  They also got to see a piece of her silliness, her dancing around, her love of sharing (and bossing), and even a little of her hugs.  On the second day they were here, Dayla leaned over to me and said, “Mama, I am really having fun with Grandpa and Nana.”  Nothing could have melted my heart more.

Here are some pictures from one of our adventures.  I had never been to the Cabrillo National Monument (Point Loma Lighthouse), despite it’s fame and love among San Diegans, and it turned out to be a great place for Dayla to run around.  The traditional wind that is always there didn’t pick up until the end of our visit, so it was a nice day!  (Especially since the day was topped off with Point Loma Seafood’s food for lunch and Beaumont’s for dinner!)  Thanks mom and dad for making the journey, and for yet another wonderful visit with you in San Diego!

I love this series below….just Dayla and Nana enjoying each other’s company.

The Lighthouse…

This next set is my FAVORITE. It is funny catching myself stepping into “photographer mode” …and really enjoy trying to capture the “essence” of my parents…the looks and personality that I know them so well for. I love the challenge of trying to capture all that I love about them.  This next set is it for me. It is SO them….and so Dayla. So much of my love right there on that bench.

Ending with a shot of those beautiful wild sunflowers….and Nana and Grandpa!

3 thoughts on “Grandpa and Nana Come To Town!”

  1. AWWWW!!!! (Tears to my eyes, and you know I’m not the sentimental type). LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures! I know I have said it before, but this is my FAVORITE post! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Ginette, what a beautiful place to visit with your parents. Dayla looks as happy as can be exploring new territory with her Grandpa and Nana.

  3. precious times! i love seeing dayla hold her grandma’s hand…clearly a sign that she was comfortable with her because she does not do that with everyone! how fun!

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