Wedding Season

This June Daniel and I not only got the invitation to shoot another wedding together (Congratulations Stephanie and Glenn! We love you both and had so much fun!!), the weekend after we got to go as guests to two weddings (both Daniel’s cousins)!

It was so fun not only to be a part of the wedding season of life again…to soak in all the love and beauty and joy of that stage….but to see how each wedding was so INCREDIBLY DIFFERENT.

Stephanie and Glenn’s wedding was small and intimate with only about 35 people there, but it wasn’t small in laughter or love. Right on the cliffs of La Jolla above the beach, they had some of the most profound wedding vows I have ever heard and the warmest, most welcoming family I have ever been around. It was a blessing and an honor to be a part of their day.


Daniel’s cousin Taryn lives in San Diego with us and has been one of the biggest supporters of my photography business and is one of those girls who lights up the room when she walks in. Their wedding was full of that light that Taryn brings to the room…in more ways then one.

Taryn once told me that her style was something between disco ball and vintage…and their wedding couldn’t have captured that more perfectly. But it wasn’t just the decor that was incredible (although she made much of it herself), Taryn has the biggest heart and makes everyone around her feel like they are the most important person in her life…and you could see that at the wedding too. The whole place just felt lit up in such a magical way. Two young lovers united…two families who grew up next to each other becoming one big family…it was awesome.

Justin and Taryn were surrounded by family and friends who love to laugh and celebrate…and that is what it was…an incredible night of love, laughing, and celebration.




One of the best part about family weddings is getting to see family reunited. below is Daniel’s mom Celia is on the right, and the father of the bride is Stu on the left.

(Left to right: Stu, Amy, Jon, Laura, and Celia)


And of course we had to capture the kids of all those brothers and sisters.
The cousins (left to right): May, Kristy, Keith, Taryn, Daniel, Kendra, and Eva.



Here is Keith and his love Alex:


And I love this one of my love. Nothing like going to a wedding to realize that I would marry him again in a heartbeat.


The last wedding of the month (and season) for us was Daniel’s cousin Chris’s wedding to his beautiful love Dayna.

I don’t know Chris very well, but the wedding was full of sports references, dancing, laughing, a lot of happy tears and a lot of love.





The thing that made Chris and Dayna’s so unique was that they invited children to their wedding! I love how that gave their wedding a whole different kind of feel, beauty, and love. I loved getting to see a wedding through Dayla’s eyes; it made it feel like fairy tale… and there was just a lot more silliness and joy…which made it incredible in so many ways.




Dayna and her dad…


Chris and his mom. This had to be the sweetest mother/son dance I have ever seen….


And celebration of family re-united! This is Daniel’s dad (left) with his sister Vicki (Vicki is Chris’ mom) and their spouses.


A little sibling picture is always fun too.
(left to right is Daniel, Kristy, and Keith)


And phew…that was June! What a wonderful month of love and celebration!

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