I know I have shared it before, but painting is one of the most precious things to me.

My mom in her past life was a painter (and a very talented one!) and I still remember the joy I felt the first time I painted…and the way my heart leapt with delight every time I painted after that. There is so much emotion, joy, and fond memories for me wrapped up in painting. So of course, sharing painting with my kids fills me with much elation.

We have been on painting hiatus for a while, mostly because I knew that Sebastian would love to do it, but I wasn’t sure I had the patience to deal with a child not quite ready. Yesterday however, yesterday was the day. Sebastian painted for the first time, and I brought out my easel for Dayla.

Again my heart leapt with joy.




It cracked me up that he preferred to use the brush to using his fingers. I introduced both to him, but I think he loves to be just like his sister.

Just for fun I looked up the first time I introduced Dayla to painting:


Funny enough it was right around the same age. Dayla painted for the first time at 23 months, Sebastian at 20 months. So apparently just before their second birthday is perfect the birth day of painting. 🙂

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