When Dayla was just over two years old, there was a day that brought me much joy, all because of some balloons.

I brought home balloons from a photo shoot and they were starting to deflate, but Dayla got a kick out of jumping on top of them and loved all the funny sounds the latex made against her skin. I loved her laughing and the bright colors of the balloons, so I grabbed my camera and captured her. I am so glad I did; they are some of my favorite pictures of her to date.

The other day I had another photo shoot with balloons so I brought them home for the kids to play with. I thought that Sebastian would get a kick out of the balloons the way that Dayla had, but to my surprise he took absolutely no interest in them at all.

Dayla however, Dayla didn’t hesitate to jump in on the fun. And the part that cracked me up the most was that as soon as I grabbed my camera and asked if I could take a picture of her with them, she did with them exactly what she had done back when she was two! So here she is….in 2008…and in 2013….my little balloon girl.

Dayla in September 2008


Dayla in May 2013

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