Tabby Turns Three with Fairy Style

It feels funny to be doing a post that is all about Tabby’s birthday party….but if you were to ask Dayla who her “best” or “favorite” friend is, she would still respond without any hesitation, “Tabby” (and as long as she could talk has had the same answer).  In fact when I tell her that Tabby is coming over to play, she often shouts, “Tabby is my best friend!”  So in that way, it seems fitting to share a post all about Tabby and her birthday.  (Not to mention the fact that I took a lot of pictures, so I really wanted to share!)

Tabby rung in her 3rd year by having a “Fairy Party” with her closest girlfriends…and it was possibly the cutest party ever!  Too bad Dayla fell and got a big bloody boo boo within 5 minutes of being there, so she was out of sorts for the party…but I still enjoyed watching all the other “fairies” prance around in delight.  Here are some of my favorite captures of the morning:

Each girl upon arrival got fairy wings, a fairy wand, fairy “dust” sprinkled on them (as well as in a bottle for them to carry). It was ridiculously cute to watch these little girls run around dressed up in their fairy attire.

Dayla’s little girl friends: Kaitlyn, Ellie, Yzzy…

…and…The Birthday Girl…TABBY!

Decorating butterflies

The whole gang of girls! Look at my little fairy!

(And yes, thank you to Aunt Kristy who got Dayla that ridiculously cute petticoat she is wearing!  I LOVE IT…and so does Dayla!)

3 thoughts on “Tabby Turns Three with Fairy Style”

  1. I love the final group photo with the magical trees in the background…so fairy-esq (is that a word?)

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