Hospital Life

I love looking back at the hospital pictures from Dayla and Sebastian’s birth. Something about those first days of life feel so precious, so special.

Each hospital stay was unique. For Dayla we were on the “Birth Center” floor. I delivered and recovered in the same room, and we got a queen bed to sleep in. Everything felt amazing and overwhelming and when we were told it was time to go home our knees knocked together as we asked, “Are you sure?” hoping they would let us stay for another night…or another month.

With Sebastian we had a corner room, the largest room both on the Labor and Delivery floor AND largest room on the recovery floor (our nurses must of liked us!) Much more of a “hospital” experience with a hospital bed and a pull out chair for Daniel to sleep on.  We loved our two days there but were excited to go and be with Dayla when it was time to leave.

August came into the world fast and since he is our third child they were ready to release me after 24 hours. I asked to stay another day. Nothing like the quiet of a hotel, I mean hospital room, to make you want to stay longer. The room was the smallest of the three, but we enjoyed the quiet, the visitors, the meals brought to us…and most of all we knew that the first days with our sweet newborn baby boy are special so we wanted to soak it all in.

Each experience unique.  Each experience perfect in it’s own way.

Here are some pictures from our days in the hospital with August:

The room




Trying to get some hospital radio to listen to…
With Dad
Our View
Going Home!

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