A Month With Dayla and the Many Faces She’s Shown

Wow! I can’t believe that it has been a month since little Dayla came into our lives. This last month has been hard, but it was also nothing short of the best blessing I have ever received. Motherhood has been everything and nothing I expected. Let me share:
Expected/ Unexpected:
Lack of sleep/ I don’t mind not sleeping
Lots of Diapers/ Seriously, this many diapers?
She does 3 things: poop, sleep, eat/ She does those 3 things an awful lot!
She is cute/ I could stare at her for hours! Yes, hours.
Baby takes up a lot of time/ Baby takes up A LOT of time. I can’t do anything else!
Enjoying Motherhood/ My heart melts when she looks at me.
Loving her more then anything/ I am overwhelmed with love, everyday, every minute.
One of my favorite things is watching her faces. Yes, she is in the “lump” stage, but I am surprised at how many faces she does make. Since you all don’t get to stare at her all day and all night like I do, I thought I would do a photo shoot and share her faces with you. Check her out!

8 thoughts on “A Month With Dayla and the Many Faces She’s Shown”

  1. oh my gosh! those are amazing! just her expressions at this age! Oh I may surprise you and fly out to see her!! if not I will be on the west coast soon (i think)

  2. the second one looks just like dm! awww…i sorta know what you’re going through because i got me a puppy who’s the cutest thing EVER!

  3. I remember those days well.How can anyone say that an embryo is just a blob of tissue– not a real human being? What a wonderful gift our children are! Would love to see daddy with Dayla .
    Love, Aunt Patsy

  4. So alert so young! Beautiful photography,too.
    Wkould love to have a copy of pic#2 so I can share our beautiful new grandchild with others. Not proud nana or anything. Thanks. I’m getting to like this blog thing.
    love, mom

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