Bash tantrums, screams, and whines just like every other two and a half year old. Yet there are so many things about him that are incredibly unique and indescribably sweet.

Being that Bash is about 9 months behind in his language skills, he has made up several of his own words and signs to communicate what he wants to say. He is short on words but not on ideas, humor, or love.

I don’t want to forget this part of him, so I am going to jot down some of my favorite things about Bash right now:

1. Sometimes when Dayla and I are in a tense moment of stubborn wills, he will just come over, insert himself right in the middle of us, and stand on his head, leg flapping around in the air. Sometimes he will just look at us with his big blue eyes and laugh. We can’t resist it. We will look at each other and break out in laughter, soon forgetting whatever it was we were mad about seconds before.


2. Sebastian still has yet to master turning a door knob. Being that he is my second child, I am now wise enough to know this is not something I need to teach him. That being said, when he wakes up from his nap he will just stand at his door and knock until I come. Recently when I open the door he has started saying, “POP!” with his hands in full jazz hands stance. Even though I know it is coming now, I can’t help but laugh every single time. It has become one of my favorite parts of the day.

3. He is too busy to snuggle. If I ask him to hug me or kiss me, he will respond with a loud, “NO!” right before running away with a giant grin on his face. If I run after him and catch him, smothering him in kisses, he will usually just giggle ceaselessly.


4. The one time I can get him to hug me or snuggle with me is right after his nap after his “POP!”. I will sweep him up into my arms, bring him to the couch, and he will give me a good 20 minutes of mama snuggles before he is off running again.

5. Sebastian is crazy observant. Like details. And EVERY detail. Being that one of the developmental things abut two year olds is wanting things the same (for example most two year olds want to read the same story over and over), this leads to some interesting moments in our house. I swear to you, if a hair on my head is out of place, he will notice and fix it (after squealing loudly that it is not right).


6. The above described trait also results in Sebastian being EXCELLENT at finding things. I can send him to another room and say that I want a blue pen…and he will find it. I have come to see it as a game, and it amazes me every time. [Part of me hopes this is something that stays with him through his life, as I am convinced it would make him a great husband.] 😉

7. Sebastian loves his sister. I can ask him to do something and often get met with a “NO” (two years old), but I have yet to see him say no to his sister. He looks up to her and loves her and will do pretty much anything she asks. It is ridiculously adorable. Today after he retrieved something for her, she turned to me and said, “I love having Bash as my little brother.” Now I know the way to her heart….and hopefully she will always feel that way…even when he stops retrieving.

8. He genuinely feels joy for others. For example, Dayla and Sebastian watch a show together called “Bo on the Go”. There is a part of the show where you are supposed to jump up and grab a key out of the sky. Every time he jumps up just like Dayla and tries to reach it, but she often claims that she caught it “this time”, because “she is taller”. Very very rarely does he feel disappointed he didn’t get it, usually he smiles with delight and shouts to me, “Mama! Dayla key!” I swear he is even happier when she catches it than when he gets it himself!

I sure do love this little guy. He has the biggest heart and most incredible smile. I can’t wait to see the man he grows up to be.


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