I realized just recently that when baby gets here my time with Sebastian will be cut in half (best case scenario). I got intensely sad. I sure do love my little man and the time I have with just him and I is so limited because his nap takes up most of the time that Dayla is in school. I am blessed he naps so long, but also feel like I miss out on my Sebastian time.

So the other day I decided I was going to spend the next few months dating him. Pushing off naps a bit and going out just he and I. It has been so awesome. I can’t tell you how much fun I have had. We laugh out loud together and his sweet smiles melt my heart. Here we are on one of our dates at Ikea enjoying a cinnamon roll.

2014-01-06 09.47.12

2014-01-06 09.47.11

I love you like crazy Sebastian. You may be in the middle, but I pray everyday you know that you are not any less special than our first and our youngest. And I hope I get to keep dating you….right up until you date…and maybe even after that. 🙂

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