Halloween Party

Since Sebastian is our second child, his birthday parties are going to be a little different. You see, I realized with Dayla that the over-the-top party’s I like to throw are completely lost on children under 5. So Sebastian and his little sibling will have the short end of the stick when they look back at pictures, but for right now, I know they don’t care.

I also thought it would be fun to have a Halloween party. We have never had one. And again since Sebastian was only turning two this year, I knew he wouldn’t know or care that his birthday party was Halloween themed.

So this year for Halloween, we threw a Halloween 2nd birthday for our little man…no presents…no hoopla..but a lot of friends and smiles.


We did a costume contest for best “family themed costume”. There were some fun entries! This one is the Guadette family. Can you guess their theme?


Fritz and family were dressed up as tourists. They won the prize!


The Friesen girls, dressed as a cowgirl and her horse and unicorn:


We were going for a family theme of “Pirates and Fairies” but the birthday boy did not want to wear his pirate costume…and Dayla hates pictures. So this is Daniel and I. And for the record, the birthday boy not only didn’t make it into his costume, he is in fact wearing a pajama top. I figure it is his party, so he can pajama if he wants to.



Our neighbor Maya:



All the kiddos:


And of course, since it was a birthday party, we had birthday cupcakes. I was so super sick this week, that my dear friend Julie Dennis made these for me. I think they turned out SO CUTE. Way better than I would have done!


Happy Birthday little Sebastian! And Happy Halloween to all!!

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