The Summer Recap

This is our third year with Dayla having a “summer break”.

The first year I feel like I was a little too scheduled. The second year I went the opposite extreme and made absolutely no schedule (which resulted in a summer of non-stop videos). Just like Goldilocks, I feel like I got it “just right” on the third try.

I made a calendar with activity magnets.


Dayla chooses the activity for the day using the magnets. We also have some chore time, some bible reading time, some snuggle time, some baking time and some screen time each day. It is the perfect balance of active (for Bash) and slow and planned (for Dayla and I).

Here are some of the things (that I happen to capture) that we have been up to this summer:

The beach

2014-08-05 16.15.22

2014-08-01 18.41.50

2014-08-01 18.41.53

2014-08-01 18.40.47




James and Violet visit

2014-07-30 13.15.23

2014-07-29 13.50.28

Pump It Up

2014-07-30 11.28.08

Family dinner picnics after swim class

2014-07-21 18.44.18

Date nights for Daniel and I

2014-05-30 19.33.27

And just hanging around the house

2014-08-04 18.11.22

2014-07-23 20.48.16

2014-07-13 18.47.31

I think we will go with the same plan next year!

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