All In A Day’s Work

Today we cuddled and snuggled and I made sure to slow down and soak it in. Today you had a tantrum over watching a video and whined over the fact that something wasn’t in the exact place you wanted it. Today you called the crust of bread “it’s jacket”. Today we painted your toenails for the first time and you loved it. Today I watched you make your own chocolate milk. Today you got mad at me when I said you couldn’t have sushi for lunch. Today when I wiped the soup off your face after lunch, you screamed and cried and flailed your hands around, and then proceeded to dip your finger back in the soup, wipe it all over your face so that YOU could take the napkin to wipe it off. Today you made me laugh, a sincere laugh, as we played in the bath. Today you hung onto me like you haven’t in a long time… and told me you missed me when I was gone for the weekend.

Today I love you.

In a way that I never thought I could love anything or anyone.

You’re not perfect and you challenge me

But everyday I realize your perfect for me and everyday I am challenged to be a better person.


I am so thankful.

** Daniel captured this series of Dayla and I LOVE it. That is our little girl.

5 thoughts on “All In A Day’s Work”

  1. You captured so many real treasures of childhood in that post. Thanks. I loved it. And the pictures Daniel took make Dayla look so grown up. I feel like in the first one you can see her beautiful face in 15 years.

  2. Ha, I so get those same things with Ezra. He’ll get back into the car so he can climb out of his car seat *himself*. It’s challenging and beautiful, like you say. Beautiful pictures of Dayla, too.

  3. it’s almost like i could see these events happening in your house. the life of a mom is one of humility and gratitude. so true!

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