Dear Dayla| Love, Your Proud Mama

Dayla, today we were at a birthday party and the party favors were little stuffed monster dolls. Your brother was too busy to come get one, so you took it upon yourself to get him one. You told me that you knew he would regret not taking one after the party was over. You told me that you were deciding between the pink and a pink and green striped one for yourself. You asked which one you should take. I said, “Just take them both and then one of those can be Sebastian’s” to which you replied, “But mom, Sebastian likes blue. I am getting HIM a blue one.”

Incredible. So selfless. So thoughtful.

Then one of the kids accidentally took the one you had picked out for Sebastian; the blue one now gone. You were upset, but you seemed so brave in that moment as you told me how sad you were. Then you said you were going to go ask Ms. Jody if she had any extra blue ones. And this is so big for you, you don’t usually like asking adults things without Mom by your side. But you did. You had such drive and purpose. Ms. Jody said she didn’t. You tried to hold in the emotion, but it overcame you like a tidal wave. You cried. Full tears. Completely lost all sense of caring that you were crying in front of a group of strangers. You have been caring about that recently, not wanting to cry in front of strangers, but you didn’t care today. You were SO sad. In the moment I didn’t realize why. I was frustrated at your tears. I said, “I thought you wanted a pink one?!” You looked at me with big tear drops and said, “The blue one was the one I saved for Bash. Mom, he loves BLUE and there are no blue ones left.”

You cried not for your own loss, but for the loss of your brother.

Dayla, in that moment my heart filled up. I am so proud of the girl you are becoming. So loving, kind, thoughtful….and on many days you are even learning self-lessness. You cried for someone else’s loss. It was beautiful. You are learning true beauty, Dayla. You are beautiful. I am so proud of you.


So today we took home 3 monsters, no blue one, but a pink and green striped one for you, a yellow one for August, and a purple striped one for Bash (purple has been his other favorite color these days).

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