Candy Cane Lane

When we moved to Poway 4 years ago we found that there were a lot of fun neighborhood Christmas activities here. I think we have tried them all now, and there is one that we keep doing every year, one that seems to keep drifting to the top of the list as a favorite: “Candy Cane Lane”.

Candy Cane Lane is 4 cul-de-sacs that get together and go crazy with Christmas lights and all sorts of decor. Every house seems to have candy canes incorporated in their display somehow. Many of the houses have spots in their front yard set up for you to take your picture in, kids and families sit out front and give away hot chocolate and cookies, many people have bon fires in their driveway. Everyone seems to be cheery and in the Christmas spirit. It feels simply magical.

This year was nice and warm, but we brought our own hot chocolate anyway. The kids squealed and oooooed and ahhhhhed. I want to soak up this time with them, the age where they think these things are amazing a magical.

Such a joy.







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