I am helping out with the yearbook for Dayla’s school this year, which means I am helping out with taking a lot of pictures. For Halloween I dropped off Sebastian at a friends house and got to spend lots of time capturing the Halloween parade. It was such fun.

As it turns out, the Garden Road Elementary teachers band together and come up with a group Halloween costume. Every teacher participates in some way. I have decided this is pretty much the best thing ever. Can you guess this year’s theme?

Here is almost all the staff:

Below is Dayla’s teacher Mrs. Pon:

Mrs. Dickinson (the principal) as the Queen of Hearts:

I also got to hang out for Dayla’s class Halloween party. The room moms made all sorts of adorable snacks like these…



And last but not least…Dayla and her two best buds this year. Dayla as a “Garden Fairy”.

(Left to right: Joey, Dayla, Shannon)

Happy Halloween 2013!

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