August Milton| One Year Old

August, you are a light and a joy in all of our lives.  It is so easy to get you to smile and laugh; you light up the room. And really, more than happy, you are content.  I do hope you teach me the secret to being content.

Here are some things about you right now:

  • You have 10 teeth now, 2 more on the way.
  • You eat pretty much anything as long as I can cut it up and you can feed yourself; spoons are  just not be your thing.
  • You are a pretty busy little guy too.  Steps for a long while now, but I would say the official confident walker was 11 months….and now you are almost running.  You navigate up and down steps and you go, go, go.
  • You dump toys and I can’t tell if it because you are super curious or if it because you love the crash.  Just yesterday you put your first toys back IN the box…mommy cheered.  😉
  • Oh yeah, the other day you danced for the first time…it was perfectly awesome.   A little body rocking side to side.  You definitely seem to love music August.  You can be in a full out cry and if I start singing “if you are happy and you know it, clap your hands” you will stop crying and start clapping.  It makes me laugh every time.
  • AND…YOU LOVE and peak a boo.  I dont know how I could almost forget to write about “Peek A Boo”.  You are crazy for it.  Honestly, it is the only way I can change your diaper.  For months now as soon as I lie you on your back for a change you are up within seconds, rolling away at first, and now off running within 30 seconds or less.  But Peek A Boo!  If I say, “Where’s August?” you will sit there still and play with me until the cows come home.

But all that being said, more than any toy, any crash, any song, any game, or any THING…you still love people the most….and we sure do love you!


Happy First Birthday August Milton!


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