Cousin Friends

For years we had bible study together on a weekly basis.  We went from couples with no kids, to pregnant, to now we all have 3 or more. We don’t get to see each other as often as we used to when we had bible study all together on a weekly basis,  we have all moved on to different churches and some of us even at different bible studies…but the love and friendship still runs deep.  It is nice having those kind of friendships, the ones that are just a deep no matter how many times a month you see each other.  I would say that not only do us adults have that with each other, I think even our kids all still do with each other.

Kristy once said that she thinks of all our the kids being “cousin friends”.  The way that you don’t get to pick your cousins, don’t see them often, but love them and love playing with them.  I think this describes the kid’s relationship with each other “to a t”.

Since the kids don’t see each other as often I jumped at the opportunity to watch the Lindsay kids last weekend when Kristy called out for help.  It is so fun to have them over and see how different they are then the last time we had them.  I swear these girls are practically teenagers in some ways…but then they ask to play tea party and I remember that they are still so young.

Here are a couple pictures from the day together:

2015-05-16 14.47.21

2015-05-16 11.53.18

Here is another one with “cousin friends” from an overnight we did back in January to help out the Friesen family.


It sure is fun to watch these kids all grow up together.

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