Mama and Son Time

Sebastian’s naps still take up most the time that Dayla is away at school, so I feel like I am missing that precious time with just he and I.  Every once in a while I am jolted by the fact that Sebastian is growing up fast and will be off to school before I know it, so we push back his nap or skip it all together for a little date.
This time we went to the mall.  We had a cake pop from Starbucks, walked around to play with all the fountains, and rode all the escalators.  I have to say it was probably my favorite day of the whole month. We had no agenda….just spent a lot of time walking around and laughing. Sweet, sweet times.


2015-04-28 10.41.35
2015-04-28 10.04.50
2015-04-28 10.00.05

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