Two Months Old and Growing…

I know that babies change quickly, but when it happens before your eyes it is hard to believe. Here are some of Dayla’s changes in just one month:
One Month/ Two Months
Bonked her head on your shoulder when she was hungry/ Cries when hungry…LOUDLY
Fell asleep when she was tired/ Must be convinced to nap (i.e. rocking…singing..etc)
No drool/ Calling all bibs…drool city is here!
Slept in our room/ Sleeps in her own room in a crib (yay!)
One smile/ One million smiles! (this is the best one!)
One Month

Two Months (look hard, see I’m a little longer!)

7 thoughts on “Two Months Old and Growing…”

  1. Two months and she is already reading the paper!! What a great fall picture! Very impressive and quite cute:)

  2. Love the first comment hahahha
    i see dayla has got both of your doing so much more photography!! i’m surpirsed she didn’t drool on the newspaper

  3. If you think she’s drooling now, just wait till she starts teething! Or maybe you’ll be lucky and she’ll just bite your finger. Happy mothering. Love, Aunt Pat

  4. Poor girl! if she starts crying or having nightmares I’m going to blame it on early exposure to the uglyness of the news/reality
    : )

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