Kids Room Makeover

When we moved into our house on Jolley Lane, it was just before Dayla’s 3rd birthday.

In the apartment we came from I had painted a bee on Dayla’s nursery wall. I loved it. It was so fun to be able to add a personal touch to her nursery…a bit of me. When we moved to Jolley Lane I knew I wanted to paint on her wall again. One weekend when Dayla was up at Grandma and Papa’s house I painted a mural. I didn’t ask her 3 year old opinion, I just went for it.

To say it was fun wouldn’t be enough. It brought me back to my painting days. It was so fulfilling. It was a joy. And when she came home and “oooo”ed, my heart was filled up. It made us both so happy.


When Sebastian came into our family I thought about changing around the room to accommodate him being a boy. But then I thought about how traumatizing that would be for Dayla, to not only welcome a new brother into life and her room after 4 years of being an only child, but also have to say goodbye to her girl-y butterfly bedroom. I just knew that wasn’t kind (and I reminded myself that Sebastian wouldn’t care for a while anyway).

When we found out we were pregnant with number 3, I knew it was time for a change. I loved that old room, but I also needed something to design and plan and think about as my heart prepared to meet our third little one.

For the last few months Daniel and I plotted and planned and purchased off Craig’s List so that we could give the room a makeover. Dayla helped choose the paint color (we agreed on blue since she loves mermaids and we hope to paint mermaids on the wall), but that was the only part the kids helped with. You see right now both kids are in a phase where they have trouble seeing litle changes happen, anticipating something big to come, but if the change happens all at once while they are gone, they are okay. Our dear friend’s the Lindsay family took our kids for 24 hours so we could make it happen.


In that 24 hours we took everything out of their room and off the walls, cleaned, painted the walls, built a loft bed and painted that, built a ladder and painted that, painted Dayla’s current bed, assembled a new crib, mounted the loft bed on the wall, painted their toy chest, hung new curtains, moved in dressers and refilled them up, and bought new linens. It was the hardest and most exhausting 24 hours of my life…but it was a LOT OF FUN. Daniel and I enjoyed working together and we are both so happy with the way it turned out.





When the kids came home and saw it, they had all the joy that we hoped they would.



Now we are ready to welcome baby #3…our second baby boy! 😀

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