Sebastian and Friends

It is interesting to me how a second child’s life is so different than the first child’s. Most of Sebastian’s days consist of tagging along to his sister’s activities and hanging out with his sister and her friends.

Just recently however, Sebastian has been putting his toe into the pool of friendship…and it is just the most precious thing.

In November my friend Sarita and I came up with the idea to swap our kids so that we could spend some time volunteering in our older child’s classroom. This exchanged was motivated so that I could spend more time with Dayla, but as an added bonus Sebastian has been having weekly play dates with a little boy his age. It has been a TOTAL BONUS..because these boys are now two peas in a pod…and cute as can be.

Sebastian and Judd




This month we had the Linsday family’s kids over for a sleepover (an exchange since they took our kids for the room makeover!) and when we went to the park, Sebastian and Henry were just hanging out like they were the best of friends.

2014-03-22 17.54.29

It is so fun to see this new stage for Sebastian, he is just as happy as can be about making new little buddies!

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