Lights. Camera. Dayla!

I received a video camera as a birthday present back in August primarily for the purpose of documenting Dayla growing up. We love taking pictures but I wanted to capture her movements and mannerisms. We haven’t been great about using it. I think it is because Dayla doesn’t know all that many “tricks” yet. We think everything she does is terribly cute but we know that is a parents’ perspective.
The below video is a 6-minute compilation of clips we have taken over the last couple months. If you aren’t related to me or Ginette by blood you may find it a little dull. If you ARE related to us by blood… enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Lights. Camera. Dayla!”

  1. She is such a little doll. Wish I could have held her while we were in Whittier. I laughed so hard with her looking in the mirror and smiling at herself. She’s so very cute!

  2. At the beginning of the ‘rock and roll’ segment. Dayla is sucking the same two fingers that were her fathers favorite at her age and for a great number of months thereafter.
    Why is it called ‘rock and roll’?

  3. That is true. I remember that.
    It is called “rock and roll” because putting your pinkie and index finger up in the air like she is has become the international rock and roll symbol. It is something you would do at a Metallica concert.

  4. That was a great six minutes- a bit of heaven to see little Dayla getting so big from so far away. I think I could now pick her out of a crowd even though we haven’t been formally introduced..
    Lots of Love

  5. That video made me feel bad. I feel bad because there are so many people out there who don’t have babies as cute as MY NIECE DAYLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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