New Chicken Coop

When our neighbor’s dog got our chickens last May, the chicken coop got destroyed. In a strange way it was a blessing, because it gave us the excuse we needed to build the coop that we wanted. After having our first coop for years, we knew it’s strengths and weaknesses, and couldn’t help but long for one that would be a better fit for our family and our yard, as well as better defend our girls from unwanted predators.

When we got our new retaining wall put in, putting the coop where we had been wanting it to be, well, that suddenly became a possibility.

Daniel accepted the coop challenge with gusto and a lot of kindness…hearing what I wanted….and coupled that with what he wanted. We looked, we got inspired, we talked, we dreamed, and we planned. We came to the realization that we both wanted a more stylish coop; a coop with both function and good looks. We were inspired by others, but in the end we ended up coming up with our very own coop design.









After two months of Daniel building, spending weekend after weekend doing a lot of hard work…we are proud to have the world’s most stylish (and functional!) chicken coop.





I could not be more excited for this coop….or more proud to be the wife of my amazing husband. It is projects like these that really reveal how kind, patient, loving, serving, and hard-working he is.

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