Beanie Boo

Dayla has started her first collection. I remember wanting to collect things as a kid….and since up to this point in her life she hasn’t been obsessed with anything….I will confess that it is fun to let it run a bit wild.

2015-12-13 18.49.52

She got her first “beanie boo” a few years ago from her Aunt Alex. (Pictured above) She immediately fell in love with the big eyes.

It wasn’t until her birthday this last August that she really started to ask for them, earn them, and collect them. I love seeing her motivated and enjoying something so much! (She put them all together on the couch and took this next picture all by herself!)

2015-12-13 19.06.34

The other day Dayla left a beanie boo by accident in August’s crib. When I went into his room to get something, I saw that he had totally taken it upon himself to snuggle that little stuffed animal. First time I have ever seen him do that! *love it*

2015-12-17 10.17.42

So with all the beanie boo love, talk, and collecting going on…Daniel and I decided it might be time for an extra shelf in her room. He took it upon himself to make the perfect little shelf for her…and she organized it just the way she likes.

Bed Shelf-1

I love it! Isn’t that perfect?!

So that is just a little piece of our lives and a little piece of our Dayla at 8 years old. 😉

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