Daddy’s Retreat Weekend

Once a year Daniel and all of the guy friends from our old church (our old “young married’s bible study class”) get together to do a retreat weekend. It is a great time to reconnect, talk about God, and of course get in some game time without kids.

2016-01-29 15.41.05 HDR

2016-01-29 16.41.49 HDR

2016-01-30 10.32.20

I have been really wanting Jenon and Paula to come down to San Diego and spend a weekend with us, and this seemed like the perfect one. I loved the idea of having a special weekend of special visitors while Daddy was gone.

2016-01-30 10.41.55

I grew to love Jenon and Paula when I used to go on retreats with Daniel’s mom and sister many years ago. Jenon has been Celia’s very good friend for a long time and I have heard many stories about how she would take Daniel and Kristy out to museums and other adventures when they were kids. I loved hearing those stories.

Truly, Jenon and Paula both are just the sweetest and most patient people I have ever met….and I just want my kids to spend more time around women like these two.

2016-01-30 10.41.24

2016-01-30 10.50.43

And I can say without exaggeration…this was the most fun I think I have ever had on a Saturday! It was just such a blessing to be with these women.

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