Pre-Thanksgiving in Whittier

I took the whole week off work for Thanksgiving this year. We drove up to my parent’s house in Whittier on Saturday and have been enjoying a relaxing time. Tomorrow morning we head up to Paso Robles to see my aunt and then off to Carmel for the traditional Thanksgiving with Ginette’s family.
Here are a few pictures I took this weekend.
An outtake from the Sundin family Christmas picture. Getting 9 people to smile at the same time when 2 of them are babies is amazingly difficult.

James was really excited when he figured out that Dayla would suck on his finger if he stuck in her mouth. He is really fascinated with her and tries his best to be gentle.

Our friend Allison came by with her two boys, Jack and Finn.

James joined Finn in the Bumbo chairs. Guess who is getting a little big.

5 thoughts on “Pre-Thanksgiving in Whittier”

  1. Hard to believe they grow so fast! She’ll be crawling before you know it. Aren’t babies the most fun ever? Love, Aunt Pat

  2. Great Pics!! Thanks for sharing – so excited to see you all again- I think Dayla has grown just since we saw her last 😉

  3. aww thanskgiving in carmel is going to so big this year. You guys should retake that family picture by the tree. I love the pic of james on the bumbo. What is a bumbo? and does it really hold up children for a long time?

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