A Different Kind of Day

Most days I run on some sort of adrenaline or stress, or combination of both.  I am a doer.  I LOVE checking things off lists and making sure I have full days.  I think in a way it is a rush for me.  So that is how most of my days go, errands, volunteering, working.  Feeling the rush of a deadline, of “busy”. That is until someone, usually my wonderful husband, reminds me to slow down, breathe in, and appreciate life.

Today though, was a different kind of day.

Today Dayla has a cold.  One that would break your heart.  Sniffles, cough and lots and lots of tears to go along with it.  To top it off, today’s temperature outside is somewhere nearing the center of the sun.  A sniffling cold on a record hot summer day.  Just enough to break a mom’s heart.

So we left the errands and the lists to a different day.  Today we spent the morning snuggling and going through our library of Disney movies.  We giggled as Bambi struggled to say “bird”.  She stroked my hair and whispered that she loved me.  I held her close and promised her that I loved her more.  Today we abandoned the big girl room and retreated to the “princess bed” in mom and dad’s room.  Today I forgot about the list.  Today I stayed a little longer. She fell into her dreams with her hand stroking my nose. I watched as the make shift curtains, a sheet tacked to the wall, transformed from just a green sheet to lovely retreat for my imagination, as it billowed in the simulated breeze.  I watched as her eyes fluttered and her breath became regular, her stomach rising and falling in the perfect rhythm with the billows of the sheet.  I remembered fondly the days that my mom would fall asleep with me.  Some of my favorite memories.  Then I took a moment to reflect on the miracle of giving birth to a little person.  I thanked God for our little miracle.

Today instead of a rush of adrenaline my heart filled up with a rush of a different sort.  Today instead of our usual stubbornness and independence and busy, we snuggled, we leaned on each other, we soaked life in.  Today was a different kind of day.

4 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Day”

  1. You have a way of writing out things I’ve experienced but could never express as beautifully in writing. Thank you for your eloquence and insight and for taking the time to put it into a story. What is “auto draft” though?

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