Keith and Alex

Keith met Alex at college group through church. She caught his eyes and his heart with her laugh, smile, and propensity to hug everyone. He asked to date her. My favorite part of the story is the next part when Alex said to Keith, “You don’t want to date me, I have a lot of baggage.” (don’t we all?)

“I want to date you and your baggage.” Keith said.

Keith wasn’t scared by Alex’s baggage. He still isn’t. He loves all of her. He trusts God and can’t wait to start a life with Alex. Alex can’t wait to start a life with Keith. And so a wedding was called to happen….and we all got together to celebrate this love the night before the wedding….

Dayla and Violet

Aunt Vickie Meets August

G.G. and James

James, Violet, and Dayla

Aunt Vickie with the cousins (minus Sebastian and Maggie)

Rehearsing for the real thing

Steve, his sister Vickie, and his mom Betty (aka G.G.)

Alex and her mom

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