Orange Juice

When Paula and Jenon came to visit us, they brought a large sack of home grown oranges.  The boys were super excited about the idea of making homemade orange juice.


2016-01-30 15.55.54

2016-01-30 16.00.49 2016-01-30 16.00.53 2016-01-30 16.26.44

They were surprised how little was yielded after so much work.  They were also surprised by the pulp.  Although they weren’t really excited about the finished product, the project was full of wonder and giggles.

I am realizing that MUCH of the joy in childhood is the journey, not the destination. As a person who loves FINISHING and being PRODUCTIVE…this is a hard, but welcome, lesson.  I am learning how to enjoy and wonder a lot more along the path of life. 😉

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