Step One: Living Room Re-do

We didn’t want to mark it with a date or a birthday, but knew that the day that Dayla should have her own room would somehow naturally present itself organically. The beginning of this year it did. So we started the plans of how we would move my office and all the things in it…which lead to envisioning a three step makeover process. Three rooms needed to change: Dayla’s room, our living room, and our back shed to become a duel office for Daniel and I.

Step one was dreaming up a living room space that would hold the items that needed to come out of our office. We also wanted a living room that would be great for now but would also grow with our kids as they grow. We wanted public computer space and work space. Less shelves for toys. I figured with all the things changing a style update would be a blessing too.

So with Daniel’s bonus from work and our in-laws willing to watch the kids for 5 days, we were able to make our new living room go from dream and vision to reality. Come see step one of our three room makeover!


Everything came out of the living room and we prepped the whole room for a new paint job.






Black wall. New cabinets hung. I envisioned a wall to wall desk for the kids. Daniel made it happen.


On the other side of the living room we did an update too! I really didn’t want the fish tank in the living room anymore and was hoping for a more “grown up” welcome/hallway table. I was so excited to find this dresser on Craiglist that someone was selling for next to nothing. I LOVE IT!! Isn’t it gorgeous?


After pictures:


New colors are black, white, gold, and browns. Simple. Modern. Classy.


Then the kids came home to see it all….we had kept how we were going to change the living room a complete surprise from them! They LOVE IT!



Black wall and modern might not be for everyone…but I LOVE how it turned out!

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