All the Fun You Can Have With Water

Last Sunday was a scorcher in Poway. It was also a day just made for relaxing since the prior day was Dayla’s mega birthday bash at our place. Being lazy out back turned into water fun time due to a bag of 150 water balloons from the 99 cents store. This may seem obious to parents reading this but there aren’t many things more fun than seing a kid experience something for the first time. In this video you see Dayla’s first ever experience with overfilled water balloons, underfilled water balloons, untied water balloons, running through the sprinklers, and sitting in an ice chest “pool.”

One thought on “All the Fun You Can Have With Water”

  1. Yea! 3 posts at once! “Click” that is so great! She cracks me up and I have enjoyed these two videos lately, just getting to see her as a 3 year old! Happy Birthday Dayla! Can’t wait to see pics from your birthday party!

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