Last weekend we got to spend a relaxing weekend with our good friends the Friesens at their family’s cabin in Sugarloaf, just outside Big Bear. This is the same place we visited in the winter when Dayla saw snow for the first time. Actually, let me qualify that first statement. It was eventually a relaxing weekend.

As we started heading up the mountain the radiator light came on in my Volvo. Assuming the radiator was just low we poured in 21 bottles (literally) of water. Amazingly it wasn’t full yet so we poured in a gallon of coolant and two more gallons of water. Nope, still not full. We drove down to the Circle K and put 75 cents into the water/air pump and started pouring more water in. Only then did I realize that something was seriously wrong and all the water that I thought was going into my radiator was actually pouring into the backseat of my car via a broken hose of some sort. Once I discovered this we immediately stopped putting water in and proceeded to siphon out gallons of boiling hot, neon green water. Fun.

The wives and kids headed up the mountain while Ben and I hung outside the Circle K for a few hours like J and Silent Bob waiting for the tow truck. We were there so long I actually considered eating the burrito pictured below.

The Bomb. Indeed.
Poor Volvo

After the car fiasco we had a great time in the mountains.

We hit up the Alpine Slide which is, amazingly, legal. I’m sure that whatever governing authority is responsible for ride safety doesn’t know this attraction exists. It’s just you (with possibly a small child on your lap) flying down a concrete shoot on a skateboard like contraption with no seatbelt and a hand “brake” in between your legs. I did it once thinking I would just fly down that sucker and never touch the brake once. Brother, I yanked that brake.

Ben and Ellie on the Alpine Slide
Ellie and some random trucker on the Alpine Slide
Amazingly, Dayla volunteered to ride on these. She didn't say a word the whole time and never let go of my leg. I don't think she realized what she volunteered for.

On the second day we all headed out to an interpretive trail (whatever that is). Lots of fun was had but there was a little more child carrying than walking.

Lucy ready for the hike
The Friesens
The Sundins with our adopted daughter
I wish I was a kid and could get a piggy back ride when I was tired
Ben, working on his nomination for father of the year
The girls sharing a post-hike snack

All in all it was a great trip. The girls are at a really fun age.

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  1. This looks like such a fun time! I had to tell you that it’s so weird that the girls, H included seem to doing a lot of the same things even miles apart! We took H on the Alpine slide last week on our vacation! We used the break a bit too!

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