First Snow

After our couples trip over the weekend, we snagged the kids from Grandma and Papa’s house and headed up to our friend’s cabin in Big Bear.  The last time we were in the snow, Dayla was about 2.5 years old.  So the boys were excited to experience snow for the first time!  Dreams of snowmen and snowball fights!


We did have some snowball fights, built a snowman, lots of puzzle and game time, fun with retro rollerskates we found in the cabin, and visited the local zoo. There was cold moments and tear-filled moments….but there were also a lot of smiles and memories.


2017-02-20 17.49.45

2017-02-21 09.57.59


2017-02-21 10.02.36

2017-02-21 11.06.58
2017-02-21 11.38.03 HDR

2017-02-21 11.38.59
2017-02-21 11.50.24
2017-02-21 13.19.54
2017-02-21 14.57.59


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