The 3×3 Carnival (A 3rd Birthday Party for 3 Sweet Little Girls)

August is always our crazy month. We celebrate 5 birthdays and our anniversary each year, but it is also a month that reminds us just how blessed we are!  Now that we can breathe again, I am SO excited to share some pictures from the festivities.

One of our celebrations this August was Dayla turning 3 years old!  One of our TOP blessings in life is that we had the joy of having Dayla in the same month that 5 other friends had their babies.  We love it.  And we love that this offers us the opportunity to share the birthday party throwing duties/stress with two other families!  I hope we get to keep doing the “joint birthday party” for Dayla until she is 18, but if that doesn’t work, we will do it until she asks for her own.  For now, she loves it!

This year we had the gift of a free bounce house, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate the bounce house into a theme….so I came up with “Carnival!”  Hence the 3×3 Carnival was born!  Three little girls, all turning 3, a new house to host it at, and a lot of friends to share in the joy.  We went all out (3 moms means 3x the ideas and 3x craftiness!), but it was SO fun doing it, and I think everyone got a kick out of our craziness too (not to mention, it makes fun pictures to share with you!)  Without further ado….

The 3×3 Carnival

(at the New Sundin Home!)

Welcome to the Carnival:

Welcome Sign for a Carnival Party

Come to the Midway…where the lights were hung, and the games are played!

First, get your tickets at the ticket booth….

Get your tickets

To enjoy some carnival games…


And of course, if you win (which everyone does at a 3 year old’s party), come and get prizes!

(This is Kaitlyn showing off hers!)

Kaitlyn shows off her tickets and prize!

The Grill Master wants to remind you, once you have worked up your appetite, enjoy a carnival hot dog

(with all the toppings of course!)…
The grill master

..and a little more snacks for both the “lion cubs” and the “lion tamers”

I had fun trying to come up with “healthier” (but still carnival themed of course!) food:

Because of course there were snow cones to enjoy:

And Stacy made the cutest lion cakes for the three birthday girls….

AND Stacy made the YUMMIEST clown-ice-cream-cone-cupcakes (which were SOOO good!) for all the guests to enjoy!

Which we think they did…

…especially our birthday girls! They got treats right and left….but hey, it WAS their party…..

(Left to right is Ellie, Yzzy, and Dayla)

….And it ended with smiles had by all.

Happy 3rd Birthday Dayla! We love you!

4 thoughts on “The 3×3 Carnival (A 3rd Birthday Party for 3 Sweet Little Girls)”

  1. Uh-MAZING!! Can T be an honorary August b-day next year…I want in on this. SOOOO sad we had to miss it. The girls would have had a blast. Glad J got to enjoy it tho. right up his alley, you know!

  2. That looks like the best party ever!!! Fabulous decorations & goodies. The girls looked so happy. What great memories you created for three little girls and their families.

  3. so bummed we missed it! i love the pics and know that it would have been an awesome time filled with fun!! hopefully we’ll see you soon to catch up!

  4. I’ve been waiting for these- LOVE it!! The party looks amazing and so fun! Every detail is just adorable and your photos are great! Dayla looks like such a big girl on her big day! She’s beautiful! PS- like her white dress 😉

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