Sebastian Goes Bowling

For the first time this last January our church decided to host an event as a thank you to all the volunteers. The event? A night of free video games and free bowling at a place called Nickel City. Well, we have never done Nickel City with the kids before and, as you can imagine, they are in love with the place.

Sebastian and August, more than anything else, loved bowling. Every day since Sebastian has been asking to go bowling again.

So this weekend Dad took Sebastian on a father son outing to the bowling alley! I can’t begin to express in words how excited Sebastian was….and how much fun they had. For Sebastian, this was better than Disneyland!

2016-02-18 16.43.08

2016-02-18 17.37.51

2016-02-18 17.36.07

2016-02-18 17.36.09

2016-02-18 16.48.55

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