London-Day 3

On our third day in London we came face to face with a dilemma. A big one. We had on our list to see West Minster Abbey and the Churchill War Rooms. Everyone we talked to had told us how fabulous those were. We wanted to see them, so badly, but at the same time we felt saturated with history and beautiful architecture. We felt that we just weren’t sure we could appreciate it the way we wanted to or knew we should.

So we made a bold decision to skip them completely and take in a museum and see the famous “Harrods” department store. It was weird to know that others might think our decision was crazy, that others may judge us for going all the way to England to take in an exhibit on Plywood and go to eat at a department store, but we don’t regret our decision AT ALL.

We decided to be true to ourselves and what we love….museums, exhibits about furniture, beautiful displays that delight the eyes beyond what words can discribe, and food that is so good it is almost a spiritual experience. It was a perfect way to end our trip. It was so “us” and so so so good.













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  1. You did good. We made two trips to London to see all we wanted to see. Harrods was quite the experience. So, you need to plan a second trip when the kids get a bit older.

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