Sebastian Turns 6

Sebastian is 6 years old. So much has changed with him in this last year. To our delight, his words and stories are always filling our home. Sebastian is sweet, kind, and incredibly friendly to everyone he meets. His classmates and teachers love him and he loves school. On the home front, he has started to flex his independence, his own opinions, and his own interests. As much as it was easier to have a boy before that just did everything that everyone else wanted him to, I love seeing him come into the person God made him to be! God doesn’t want any of us to be a mirror or a robot…we are each created uniquely and for a purpose…and I am so glad that Sebastian is starting to see this and come into himself. He is an amazing reader (can read books meant for 2nd graders!) and can even do some multiplication while most kids his age don’t yet add. Yet he doesn’t seem to know or care that he is excelling in school. He love recess, playing soccer, and making friends more than he loves to know all the answers. He loves to tell you stories. He loves to dance. He is our best at trying new food, although he still really only likes bread based foods. 😉 He LOVES LOVES LOVES games….board games, card games, checkers, connect four, and yes video games. He also loves Pokemon and has started quite the collection! He doesn’t like photos…but will stand for one.


We love our oldest boy so much! We are so grateful for the gift God gave us in him…and can’t wait to see how God will grow this little boy! Happy 6th Birthday Sebastian! We love you!

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