Happy 38th Birthday

I love sleeping in on my birthday. I love the snuggles from the kids when I finally wake up. I love the AMAZING Eggs Benedict that Daniel has perfected. I love the flour-less chocolate cake and the kids singing happy birthday perfectly off-tune. I love the cards/emails that I get even more than any gift I have ever recieved. Words are my love language. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE going out to eat at a fancy restaurant with my kind, handsome, incredible man. So these are my requests…yep…every year. It is good. I am blessed.

2017-12-02 17.23.34

This picture was from a place in San Diego called “Brother’s Provisions”. We stopped there for a pumpkin cider and a beer before our fancy dinner. 🙂

One thought on “Happy 38th Birthday”

  1. Thirty Eight! WOW
    in reflection, such a low number. on the other hand turning thirty eight is a bit SCARY! as 40 closes in!
    you look fabulous sis! xx

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