December Photo Project – Day 16 and 17

For all you who are actually checking our site everyday, I am sorry we didn’t post yesterday. I did take pictures of Dayla yesterday and just forgot to post them! First, here is Dayla wearing these things called “baby legs”. I love these things…they are like baby leg-warmers. I mean who didn’t love their leg warmers? I got gifted a bunch of 3-6 month dresses, so these will keep little Dayla’s legs warm while she wears her dresses during winter. 🙂

And a picture Daniel took of me in the car tonight …

2 thoughts on “December Photo Project – Day 16 and 17”

  1. I’ve been enjoying all your pictures in the last few days, but the baby legs are especially comment-worthy. Dayla, even without the striped legs, is adorable.

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