Sebastian’s 7th Birthday Party

This year Sebastian has taken up a new love of dominoes. Not playing the game of dominoes so much as stacking them, making knockdowns, and doing incredible chain reactions with them. When I asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted, it surprised none of us when he said, “A DOMINO PARTY!”

I enjoyed making this into a party theme! We decorated with dominoes, made a domino cake, had a domino pinata, and ate Domino’s Pizza!

Sadly the party didn’t go exactly as Sebastian or I imagined it would. We were hoping that some friends would come over and calmly learn his love of dominoes and build knockdowns with him. We even intentionally invited the calm boys from his class, or boys who have mentioned liking building with dominoes. However it turns out that when you get 7 boys in one place, it becomes Lord of the Flies very quickly. Let’s just say that after the party Daniel and I turned to each other and thanked God for our amazingly calm boys that he gave us!

It wasn’t a total hit, but it wasn’t a total bust either. Sebastian had a good time and got some great gifts….and now we have some calm one-on-one domino play dates on the books too. 🙂

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