Our Chicken Chronicles

Anyone who has talked to us in the last 3 months knows that we are keeping nice and busy!  The new house has lots of moving-in and projects that we are still tackling, but the best part that is keeping us busy is some projects that we have always dreamed of doing (apartment bound for 10 years gives you a lot of ideas and dreams of what you want to do in a house!); right now the biggest two being getting chickens and growing vegetables.

Today I am going to share our chicken adventure (and tackle our garden adventure post soon!)

Almost two months ago now we bought little chicks!  They were sooo cute!  The short version of the story is that at PETCO (Daniel’s work)  are starting to sell “Backyard Chicken” supplies.  For urban folks such as us who have always dreamed of having fresh eggs, this is a total dream!  Having all the benefits of chickens (fresh eggs, fertilizer suppliers, eating all the pesky bugs out of your yard, and best of all: a friendly pet!) without having to own a ton of land or having to commit to several chickens.  So it seemed like a perfect fit for us to try out one of PETCO’s chicken coop’s and get neck deep in the “Backyard Chicken” craze!!

It has been nothing short of a COMPLETE BLAST!

Now realize, I do not work for PETCO, so I am not embellishing any truth here.  That being said, let me tell you, we love having chickens!  They are a great first pet for Dayla and a easy care pet for us (and they will give us eggs!) For the first 6-8 weeks (depending on climate) you have to keep them inside, in a box, with a warming light.  Dayla was completely sold on this adventure.  Each morning she would wake up, check on the little guys, spend a good 10-15 minutes “talking” to them (sometimes “cheeps” and sometimes stories or thoughts…), and help me get their food and water.

Meet “Pepper” (named by Ginette), “Sammy” (named by Daniel who has ALWAYS named his pets Sammy!) and “Cheep” (named by Dayla!)

This was there first little home. So cozy.

Only a couple days later we received and built our chicken coop.

The finished product!!

Here it is in our backyard, where it sits today.

Of course, after a couple weeks, we let the chickens test the coop out (in the warmth of day).  Both Dayla and the chickens enjoyed their new home!  It was so cute to watch Dayla crawl in there with the chickens.  She loved petting them, chasing them, trying to pick them up, talking to them, and just enjoying them as her first pet.

It wasn’t many weeks later (at about a month old) that the chickens turned from cute fuzzy chicks to what Daniel called “their awkward teenage chicken” look.  Skinnier with long necks, they definitely started to look more like chickens. For the sake of their embarrassment, we tried not to take too many pictures during this phase, but here is one:

Now the chicks look much more like chickens then chicks.  In fact to me, they look completely like chickens.  (I will have to post a picture in the next post)

We let them “free range” almost every day.  They peck at our dirt for bugs and fertilize our garden. They still let us pick them up, although now they are much harder to catch.  They are certainly a hoot and keep us very entertained.  We will probably not get any eggs for another couple months, or maybe even till spring, but they are still so much fun to have and are just loving this new little adventure.  We will keep you updated and entertained as our Chicken Chronicles continue!

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  1. I’ve been thinking of all our chicken friends in SD and am going to have to research how it would work to have some in MN. Looks like Dayla loves them!

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