Halloween at Preschool

I haven’t talked much about how the kids are doing at school this year…mostly because no news is indeed GOOD NEWS.  They all love their teachers and are doing so well.

August is by far the most excited school kid we have ever had.  When he wakes up and it is a school day he will shout, “YES! I have school today!” and do a little fist pump in the air.  When I tell him it is not a school day, he is visibly disappointed.  [This is such a blessing and such a welcome difference from his sister who kicked and screamed and begged not to go to Preschool (for the first 3 or 4 weeks)]

Every time I drop him off in the morning, I don’t have to remind him to put his lunch in the pail or put his name in the sleeve like I see some of the other parents do with their kids. He is super responsible for his own things, and truly just embraces everything about his school experience….and just LOVES IT.

Here are some pictures from him at his preschool Halloween parade.

Eh-hem, I mean “Animal Parade” as August reminded/corrected me….on Halloween…at the parade. 😉

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